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06.11.2019 08:44
Recalling that three Antworten

Recalling that three years ago, I once said to myself: "I will read these books well and I will study hard." However, these books are still intact and are packed in a small box and are "sorched". In the corner of the room, in the past three years, I went back to bed and could see it every day, but I didn��t reach out to read it at the same time, and I didn��t fulfill what I said. After the mid-term exam Marlboro Gold, my language scores fell to a mess, and the essays became more and more difficult to write. I was blamed by my mother. I lost my soul and returned to the room. I saw the forgotten corner - a small box. . I went up and gently removed the dust from the top, opened it, and slowly read it. When the night falls, I put it back in the same place, lying on the bed, closing my eyes and sinking into my dreams. When the sun shines again the next day, I barely open my eyes and wear clothes to do my homework. I once again forgot that it kept writing homework. The original heart has returned to its original state, and it feels really tired. I want to finish my homework. When the next weekend comes, I am not doing well because of my own work. My mother has taken the matter to blame me. Now my relationship with my mother is stiff. I close my door and ignore my mother and start to fight with my mother. cold war. Holding the quilt, I accidentally saw the small box. I didn��t insist on seeing it, and it was covered with a layer of ash. And in that small box - I used to take notes in my language, it was really nostalgic at that time, my word end was written there, not as sloppy and ugly as it is now. Everything is on my own, and I don��t have much time to read the language. I only watched, backed up English, and the back language was played on the spot. In fact, everyone's intelligence is the same, regardless of whether it is good or bad, but the attitude is different, so there will be good and bad in the future. I have benefited from the reading notes of that book. I must rely on accumulation for learning Chinese. Those books, I gently put it in a place that is not very noticeable, and forget it again, because I don��t need it now to open the door Cigarettes For Sale. I went out
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