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03.01.2020 08:56
and apprentices will be reflecte Antworten

In the first grade, I began to watch Journey to the West, but I always watched the phonetic version of the color chart. It was not until the summer of the sixth grade that I actually finished reading the original Journey to the West. Sun Wukong, fighting over the Buddha, invincible, loyal to the master, jealous like hatred, golden eyes, countless words in the book. He dared to do it, with a strong sense of justice, protecting the master's safety along the way, and never negligent Marlboro Red. The master was arrested, he was always the first to rush out to save people. Even so, he was always misunderstood by the master, and the tight tie on his head became "the benevolent party's whip against the Justice Party", and even he was driven back to Huaguoshan by the master three or five times. But in the end? Sun Wukong never cherished resentment, and still stood up when the master needed him most. His strength and justice were indispensable. Tang monk, Xuanzang. He is a person who is afraid of death and weakness. When the real monster strikes, he will not stop Goku from killing him. But if he didn't know it, his bodhisattva's heart would start to "make trouble". He has no golden eyes, so he is easily confused by appearances. He is weak and timid, but his kindness is unmatched. But benevolence alone, he could not adhere to the Tianzhu Kingdom. There is another reason why he is so timid but able to persevere in his studies. That is his persistence. Along the way, Tang Seng was not afraid of the dangers, and went straight forward. The four masters and apprentices worked together and finally came to Xitian and got the true scriptures. His persistence is also indispensable, and the Eight Commandments embodies the most frequent things in people-greed and laziness. To be more euphemistic, it's just to work hard. Bajie can forget the existence of the master and other brothers in order to eat, or he can persuade the teachers and apprentices who have left for the sake of his daughter-in-law of Gao Laozhuang. Finally, the sand monk. This is the protagonist with the fewest appearances in this book, but also the protagonist who has won the most philosophical words besides Sun Wukong. He worked hard and complained, always carrying the burden to the end, but without any complaints Wholesale Cigarettes. His martial arts is not as high as that of Sun Wukong, so he will never be the first to "go out and fight". At most, Sun Wukong was absent. He wielded a weapon to protect the master, but was eventually caught. So what do we see from him? That's mediocrity. Mediocrity is also a major feature of us. Monsters are the dark, greedy people in human society. Some of these monsters are refined spirits, and some are some fairy mounts who can't stand the lonely or boring life to do bad things Cheap Cigarettes. As for the view that "eating Tang monks can live forever," this is the worldly view. These are like the bad things in society. The characteristics of the four monks and apprentices will be reflected in most of us. We are just like them. Sometimes they are righteous, sometimes kind and weak, sometimes they are greedy because of small gains, and sometimes they become mediocre without being motivated. And the way to learn the scriptures may be our lives. We will encounter many difficulties, but most "masters and apprentices" will choose the right path. Even if it is rugged and sinister, we will not be afraid to walk in the right direction. In the end, get where we want to go and get the true scriptures. Mr. Wu Chengen fuses the same novels of life like "Adventure", and he has to say that he is great. Therefore, I say that traveling west is like life. When you have walked through thousands of mountains and rivers, you have experienced many difficulties, and you have seen the hearts of the world, and you have obtained the true text of life.
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